The TPO maintains a consolidated database of current and historical traffic counts for all major roads.

Spring 2024 Traffic Counts Report: This is the most recent update to the vehicular counts for Hillsborough County collected in Spring 2024. This report includes the summary of the counts, with the two-day average volume (ADT), the Average Annual Daily Traffic (AADT) and the Level of Service (LOS) for the roadways in the TPO network.

Historical Traffic Counts Report: This report lists roads in alphanumeric order, and all counts are presented as Average Annual Daily Traffic (AADT) volumes. AADT is the total volume of traffic on a highway segment for one year divided by the number of days in the year. This report includes historical traffic counts for all the roads maintained by the jurisdictions from 1995 to 2021. 

Multimodal Counts Report: In late 2023, the TPO commissioned a set of multimodal counts at 80 selected locations on Hillsborough County’s High Injury Network. Traffic volumes were recorded for pedestrians, bicyclists, and vehicles over a 24-hour time window. This report shares the 24-hour results at all 80 count stations, as well as an appendix of maps with AADT estimates. Study data and a presentation based on the report may also be found here.

For more information on traffic data collection, please see the FDOT Traffic Monitoring Handbook.

Use the Traffic Count Stations map below to find counts that were collected between 2014 and 2018. For previous years, download historical traffic count data.

Below are external links to other government departments that have traffic counts and related information.

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