Wimauma Village Plan

Wimauma Village Plan (Effective November 10, 2007)

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To locate the complete adopted text of the community plan go to the Livable Communities Element and use the Table of Contents to go to the Wimauma Village Plan.

View the Sociocultural Data Report (SDR) for Wimauma Village. The SDR contains demographic information and trends for Wimauma Village from 1990 to 2015, a summary of existing land use within the community, and a list of facilities. A demographic profile for Hillsborough County is also available at the end of the document.

Wimauma lies within the “SouthShore Areawide Systems Plan” area.  The SouthShore Areawide Systems planning initiative called for the preparation of six community plans, one of which was for the Wimauma area.  The Wimauma Village Plan consists of nine (9) goals and strategies that are generally intended to enhance community character, promote the development of a town center, promote economic development, establish design standards, protect and enhance the environment, enhance the safety of the community, improve the transportation system, and develop trail and sidewalk connectivity. 

The Plan boundary is generally west of U.S. Highway 301, north of the Manatee County line, east of the Little Manatee River and Balm Wimauma Road, and south of County Road 672. Along with the Wimauma Village Plan Vision of nine (9) Goals and Implementation Strategies, a Wimauma Village Plan boundary map, and a Downtown Wimauma Boundary map (both part of the Future Land Use map series) are desired. In addition, it included that the portion of the area within the Wimauma Village Plan boundary designated as Residential Planned- 2 that was changed to a new plan category entitled Wimauma Village Residential-2 (WVR-2). An associated definition, policies, and Rural Land Use Classification table for WVR-2 also adopted.

The community of Wimauma Village embraces a traditional small-town character, encouraging clustered housing, the preservation of native habitats, and the development of recreational opportunities. They support the enforcement of the housing and commercial codes. The commercial development will be focused on our Village Center along SR 674, Main Street, and key transportation corridor. The buildings will be oriented toward pedestrian-friendly roads that feature wide sidewalks, maintained landscaping, curb and gutter, street furniture, street lighting, and underground utilities along safe and handicapped-accessible walkways. The Wimauma Village community supports new jobs by encouraging light industrial and office uses along SR 674, east of the former Seaboard Air Line Railroad to Balm-Wimauma Road.

Wimauma Village values its important natural resources, including Lake Wimauma, Little Manatee River, wetlands, and Environmental Land Acquisition and Protection Program (ELAPP) lands.

Goals and Strategies

  1. Wimauma Village Residential-2 (WVR-2)
    1. Residential Gross Density
    2. Typical Uses
    3. Open Space
    4. Employment Areas
    5. Shopping Areas
    6. Specific Intent of Category
    7. Utilities
    8. Approvals
    9. Transfer of Development Rights
    10. Parks, Recreation and Conservation
    11. Wimauma Village Downtown Plan
    12. Economic Development
    13. Transportation
    14. Housing and Neighborhoods
    15. Safety
    16. Education
    17. Appearance




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 This plan was effective November 10, 2007. If you would like further information, please contact the Planning Commission.

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CPA-07-03 Effective date: November 10, 2007.



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Documents and Meetings

Community Plans adopted before 2009 do not include documents and meeting files at this time. This plan was effective November 10, 2007. Request for further information should be directed to staff.



To view the adopted boundary for the Wimauma Village Plan please click on the link below:

 Wimauma Community Plan Area


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