Vision Zero Top 20 – Focus on 15th Street and 56th Street

An event is already planned for 56th Street! PLEASE JOIN neighbors, students, elected officials, and many others on April 23, 2018 from 3pm-5pm to walk the corridor and place signs with messages to slow down, put phones away and pay attention to those around you.

We will be gathering at 3 locations along the corridor, you can pick your location and  sign up using this link.

Over the past year, the Hillsborough MPO has led a city-county initiative around a long-term vision of reaching zero traffic fatalities, and has drafted a Vision Zero Action Plan. We discovered that in our county, the top 20 roads for severe crashes make up only 4% of our major road system yet are responsible for 19% of severe crashes. Two of those roads are 56th Street (Sligh Avenue to Busch Boulevard) and 15th Street (Fowler Avenue to Fletcher Avenue).

We will be forming coalitions for each of these corridors to engage residents, businesses, and anyone who has an interest in bringing these alarming crash rates down. The coalition will work to organize a community event that creatively engages citizens, whether using temporary street paint, a pop-up midblock crossings or roundabout, or by holding a march in remembrance of people hurt or killed along the roadways. We want to see everyone chipping in to make their neighborhood a safe place no matter how they choose to move about.

Vision Zero Corridor Engagement – 15th & 56th streets overview


For more information contact Gena Torres at or 813-273-3774 x 357.