Transportation System Performance

The Hillsborough MPO uses performance measures to inform and guide its policy, planning, and programming activities. Selecting meaningful system performance measures facilitates transparency in the prioritization process, informs funding decisions, and provides a framework for ex post project evaluations.

MAP-21 Performance Targets

The Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21) is an outcome-driven program which encourages MPOs and State DOTs to invest resources in projects that will make progress toward achieving the national goals of transportation safety, good infrastructure, reduced congestion, system reliability, economic vitality, and sustainability. MAP-21 requires MPOs and State DOTs to establish targets in support of those goals, learn more here.

State of the System, 2016

The 2016 State of the System Report is the first MPO plan to use MAP-21 performance measures related to safety, pavement and bridge condition, and system performance. Since the report was finalized in December of 2016, it has been distributed to other MPOs around the state to serve as a guide for performance-based planning.

Scenario Planning Peer Exchanges

Our Imagine 2040 Plan has been featured at each of the annual FHWA peer exchange workshops on scenario planning. Scenario planning is a framework which tests various future alternatives against state and community needs. For the Imagine 2040 Plan, land use scenarios were first developed to inform the transportation elements of the plan. Learn more about our scenario planning efforts here.

To view the FHWA Peer Exchanges, click the following links:

2016 – Hampton Roads, VA

2015 – New Orleans, LA

2014 – Richmond, VA