Title VI and Nondiscrimination Plan

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Project Overview

The Hillsborough Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is required to develop and adopt a Title VI and Nondiscrimination Plan to demonstrate that the agency does not discriminate in the provision and execution of agency activities. An update to this plan every three years is considered best practice. The Hillsborough MPO Title VI and Nondiscrimination Plan was last adopted by the MPO Board in 2018.

The 2018 plan can viewed here: 2018 Hillsborough MPO Title VI and Nondiscrimination Plan

An updated Title VI and Nondiscrimination Plan will be adopted in 2021. After the passing of a Racial Equity Resolution in August 2020, it was decided that this update presents an opportunity to expand the MPO Title VI and Nondiscrimination Plan to incorporate the Hillsborough City-County Planning Commission. This proactive step would better ensure nondiscrimination in the provision and execution of all agency activities and further the advancement of equitable processes and outcomes.

Hillsborough MPO and Hillsborough City-County Planning Commission staff are currently working on this plan update. The status of this project will be provided on this webpage including completed technical memorandums and public engagement opportunities. Look for the Planning for Equity Initiative logo for more projects and actions connected to the Nondiscrimination Plan update and other efforts to improve equitable outcomes through community planning in Hillsborough County.

Scope of the Study

Task 1. Define Equity

Task 2. History of Discriminatory Planning

Task 3. Community Mapping

Task 4. Review Existing Conditions

  • Internal Agency Plans and Processes
  • External Community Outcomes

Task 5. Community Engagement

Task 6. Best Practices and Recommendations

Task 7. Writing the 2021 Nondiscrimination Plan

HOLC Redlined Map of Tampa from the 1930s

Project Steps

Historical Context

Jane Jacobs protestLangston Hughes once said, “The past has been a mint Of blood and sorrow. That must not be True of tomorrow,” and Carl Sagan proposed that, “You have to know the past to understand the present.” To this end, Plan Hillsborough staff are assembling a report to document local, state, and Federal planning and policy decisions that were intentionally or unintentionally discriminatory, and how those policies and plans were carried out in Hillsborough County. This history will range from early Spanish expeditions in the 1500’s through urban renewal and the construction of the highway interstate system.

Plan Development

Plan Hillsborough staff are developing a variety of materials to best inform our equity efforts. In addition to reviewing the discriminatory history of planning in Hillsborough County, the agency is developing an equity framework and an agency definition of equity as mentioned above in Task 1.  Staff are also updating our community mapping processes with the latest census data, documenting equity-related work the Hillsborough County City-County Planning Commission and Hillsborough Metropolitan Planning Organization have conducted, and identifying existing equity conditions in our communities in terms of housing, land use, and transportation.

Community Engagement

A community engagement process was developed for the Nondiscrimination Plan with the help of consultant Danielle Bayard Jackson, founder of TELL Public Relations, and Charles Brown, MPA, CPD, LCI and Senior Research Specialist at Rutgers University. Community engagement took place from December 2020 through March 2021. During this time, project staff collected survey responses from members of state- and federally-protected communities as identified by our communities of concern maps. A countywide virtual Storytelling Forum took place 2/13/2021, and five demographic-based focus groups that took place in March. Staff also collected contact information of individuals that are interested in assisting with future equity work and engagement activities related to the Nondiscrimination Plan. Contact collection will remain ongoing. Sign up for more information at the top of this project page.


Under federal law, the Hillsborough Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is required to develop and adopt a Title VI and Nondiscrimination Program to ensure nondiscrimination in the provision and execution of agency activities. This plan demonstrates our adherence to these federal laws and regulations. A plan update every three years is considered best practice. The last Hillsborough MPO Title VI and Nondiscrimination Plan was adopted by the MPO Board in 2018.

After the passing of the 2020 Racial Equity Resolution, Plan Hillsborough recommitted itself to addressing racial equity in transportation and land use planning, and identified the 2021 Nondiscrimination Plan update as an appropriate place to document research and make agency wide recommendations.

Project-related documents will be updated on this webpage as they become available. Get updates on this project by clicking on the Sign me up! button above or contacting one of the project planners below.


Early Community Engagement: August 2020 – February 2021

Outreach planning and survey development.

Active Community Engagement: February – March 2021

Including a Storytelling Forum and five demographic-based focus groups.

Writing the Plan and Ongoing Community Engagement: March – June 2021, and beyond

Writing the Nondiscrimination Plan, bringing it to the Boards for approval, and carrying out Recommendations.


Joshua Barber, MPO, Nondiscrimination Plan Project Manager, 813-576-2313 , barberj@plancom.org


Dayna Lazarus, Plan Hillsborough, Nondiscrimination Plan Project Planner, 813-582-7383, lazarusd@plancom.org