TA/CPA 21-11 – Floor Area Ratio for Residential in the Community Mixed Use-35, Community Commercial-35, and Urban Mixed Use-60 Future Land Use Categories

Project Overview

The adopted Imagine 2040: Tampa Comprehensive Plan allows developers to utilize Floor Area Ratio (FAR) or dwelling units per acre for residential development in several Future Land Use (FLU) categories.

At the direction of Tampa City Council, the City of Tampa staff has submitted a plan amendment to the Future Land Use Category Matrix, TA/CPA 21-11. TA/CPA 21-11 proposes removing the ability to utilize FAR for single-use residential development in the Community Mixed Use-35 (CMU-35), Community Commercial-35 (CC-35), and Urban Mixed Use-60 (UMU-60) FLU categories. Tampa City Council has initiated this policy change to better plan for areas of growth and mitigate the impacts of single-use multi-family residential developments.

The amendment as submitted through Resolution No. 2021-273, which was passed by Tampa City Council, applies to the CMU-35, CC-35, and UMU-60 FLU designations City wide.

Join us for a Virtual Public Stakeholder Meeting on May 25

This meeting will provide an opportunity for all stakeholders to provide input to the Planning Commission and City of Tampa staff on the proposed language. It will also provide time for City staff to submit any changes to the proposed language (if needed) before the final proposed language is sent out for agency input.

Register for the Virtual Public Stakeholder Meeting on Zoom.

Phase 1

Planning Commission Stakeholder Meeting

May 25

Phase 2

Planning Commission Briefing

July 12

Phase 3

Planning Commission Public Hearing

August 9

Phase 4

Tampa City Council Transmittal Hearing

Date TBD

Phase 5

Tampa City Council Adoption Hearing

Date TBD

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