Unincorp Hillsborough County CP : Stormwater Management Element

The purpose of the Stormwater Management Element is to address significant issues related to stormwater quantity, stormwater quality, and stormwater management system maintenance. The County’s Stormwater Management Program (Program), and thus the Stormwater Management Element which defines the philosophy of this Program, will focus on issues directly related to the impacts, both actual and potential, of stormwater runoff. This focus eliminates from consideration in this Element coastal issues strictly related to tidal flooding and other tidal impacts. Also eliminated from consideration are other surface water management issues (i.e., non stormwater sources of pollution, etc.) and other water resources management issues (i.e., groundwater withdrawals, non stormwater sources of groundwater pollution, etc.) which are not directly related to the impacts of stormwater runoff. Such issues are considered in other Elements within this Comprehensive Plan update (i.e., Conservation and Aquifer Recharge, Coastal Management, Potable Water, Sanitary Sewerage, and Solid Waste).


Stormwater Management Element