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First Last Extension Email Responsibilities Team
Melissa Zornitta 354 Planning Commission Executive Director Executive
Beth Alden 318 MPO Executive Director Transportation
Felicia Pulliam 346 accountant Agency Support
Sandy Mortellaro 314 office manager Agency Support
Sharon Snyder 316 Admin Specialist Agency Support
Kathleen Venzon 321 office assistance Agency Support
Mary Hoppe 340 Public Information & Communications
Lynn Merenda 342 public engagement & communications, listener, multi-media storyteller, and all-around proponent of meaningful particpation; public and media relations; social media Public Information & Communications
Lionel Fuentes 326 Planning Support Services manager, network administration Planning Support Services
Christopher English 380 design, graphics and technology implementation; webmaster Planning Support Services
Cathy Welsh 333 GIS databases, future land use GIS processing and project management, GIS special projects Planning Support Services
Michael Rempfer 348 network and database administration, staff hardware and software support Planning Support Services
Jason Krzyzanowski 327 mapping & web-based application development, administers GIS software infrastructure & data processing systems, and provides desktop support Planning Support Services
Shawn College 367 Strategic Planning Environmental & Research Team Leader, Executive Director of the Hillsborough River Interlocal Planning Board Strategic Planning Environmental & Research
Stephen Griffin 353 Strategic Planning Initiatives team leader Strategic Planning Environmental & Research
Jay Collins 335 comprehensive planning, City of Plant City and City of Tampa Strategic Planning Environmental & Research
Pedro Parra 356 County land use, County comp plan, community plans, housing Element, Affordable Housing Task Force, Little Manatee South form based code, SouthShore Areawide Systems Plan update Strategic Planning Environmental & Research
Terry Eagan 349 statistics, demographics, research Strategic Planning Environmental & Research
Tatiana Gonzalez 320 survey data, demographics, permits, analysis Strategic Planning Environmental & Research
Melissa Dickens 355 infrastructure, utilities and capital improvements planning, staff liaison to the Tampa Port Authority and the Hillsborough County Aviation Authority Strategic Planning Environmental & Research
Tony Garcia 332 Comprehensive Plan Policy Review team leader Comprehensive Plan Policy Review
Mark Hudson 338 City of Plant City Liaison, City of Temple Terrace Liaison, long and short range planning for Plant City Comprehensive Plan Policy Review
Krista Kelly 328 comprehensive plan updates and scenario planning, plan amendment process management, consistency reviews for developments of regional impact, annexations and rezoning Comprehensive Plan Policy Review
Will Augustine 315 research and data collection Comprehensive Plan Policy Review
Diego Guerra 384 plan amendment maintenance, rezoning logs, fulfilling geospatial requirements for commission Comprehensive Plan Policy Review
David Hey 375 City of Tampa liaison, rezoning plan consistency review coordination and comprehensive plan amendment review for the City of Tampa Comprehensive Plan Policy Review
Jennifer Malone 324 reviews plan amendments and consistency reviews for the City of Tampa Comprehensive Plan Policy Review
Melissa Lienhard 364 reviews plan amendments and consistency reviews for Hillsborough County and the City of Tampa Comprehensive Plan Policy Review
Kierra Zuokemefa 383 Comprehensive Plan Policy Review
Yeneka Mills 373 rezoning plan consistency review , comprehensive plan amendment review Comprehensive Plan Policy Review
Beverly Daniels 372 planning & zoning technician (City of Tampa); plan amendments, rezonings Comprehensive Plan Policy Review
Sam Dennis 365 City of Tampa comprensive plan, City of Tampa community plans, consistency reviews on rezonings and special-use requests, public assistance on demograpahic data, comprehensive plan amendment reviews Comprehensive Plan Policy Review
Rich Clarendon 368 MPO assistant director, staff to MPO Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) Transportation
Wanda West 331 MPO board secretary, administrative tasks Transportation
Michele Ogilvie 317 Title VI/Nondiscrimination coordination for MPO, walk/bike and transportation disadvantaged planning; staff to Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC) and Transportation Disadvantaged Coordinating Board (TDCB) Transportation
Gena Torres 357 congestion management, crash mitigation, & air quality; staff to Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Committee and Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) Transportation
Allison Yeh 351 community based planning, coordinator for sustainability, grants management and internships Transportation
Lisa Silva 329 complete streets, goods movement & intermodal planning; staff to Livable Roadways Committee (LRC) Transportation
Bud Whitehead 313 transportation demand modeling, development review Transportation
Roger Mathie 352 Geographic Information Systems (GIS) analyst for MPO Transportation
Joe Price 362 transportation database management Transportation
Sarah McKinley 382 forecasting and multimodal level of service analysis, public transit liason Transportation
Greg Colangelo 366 graphic design for the Planning Commission, MPO, Hillsborough River Planning Board Transportation
Wade Reynolds 361 plans and projects relating to walking, biking, trails, transportation disadvantaged and health impact assessments Transportation
Johnny Wong 370 qualitative analysis, congestion management, and staff to the ITS committee. Transportation
Vishaka Shiva Raman 350 TIP development, public engagement coordination, data collection and analysis for reports and long range transportation needs Transportation