Public Participation Plan & Measure of Effectiveness Report

slider-public-engagement-01Public participation is integral to good transportation policies, programs and projects. Without meaningful public involvement, there is a risk of making poor decisions or decisions that have unintended negative consequences. More than an agency requirement and more than a means of fulfilling a statutory obligation, meaningful public participation is central to good decision-making. The MPO is responsible for actively involving all affected parties in an open, cooperative and collaborative process that provides meaningful opportunities to influence transportation decisions.

The Public Participation Plan (PPP) describes the MPO’s strategies and techniques to inform and engage the public in transportation planning issues with the purpose of maximizing participation and effectiveness.  The effectiveness of the MPO’s public participation plan is evaluated every other year and documented in the Measures of Effectiveness Report (MOE). The MPO produces a new or updated PPP every four years at the outset of each update of the long range transportation plan.

PPP = Public Participation Plan

MOE = Measures of Effectiveness

 Current Public Participation Plan

MPO Public Participation Plan, Amended 2016



Approximately 360 attendees at Aug 4, 2015 TIP Hearing

Current Measures of Effectiveness Report

PPP MOE 2014_2015 FINAL_5-3-16

PPP MOE 2014_2015 FINAL_5-3-16 w appendices


Appendix 1-2014-MPO Outreach Log

Appendix2-2015-MPO Outreach Log

Appendix3-2015-GO Hillsborough meeting log

Appendix4-Imagine 2040 Summary

Appendix5-NewsBank Articles 2014-15

Appendix6- Jan 28 – Dec 20 2014 Facebook posts

Appendix7-Jan – Dec_2015 Facebook posts

PPP MOE 2012 & 2013 FINAL report



PPP MOE 11 – 12

PPP MOE 10 – 11

PPP MOE 08 – 09

PPP MOE 06 – 07

PPP MOE 05 – 06

PPP MOE 04 – 05