Plant City Plan Amendments – PC/CPA 11-02 through PC/CPA 11-09 (Text Amendments)

This cycle of amendments included eight publicly initiated text amendments.  The proposed changes were crafted to correct inconsistencies, update project status and encourage future economic opportunities within the City of Plant City.  The cycle also included two small scale map amendments.

Status: Adopted

Application: proposed text for PC/CPA 11-02 through 11-09

PC/CPA 11-02 Staff Report – Future Land Use Element Update

PC/CPA 11-03 Staff Report- Housing Element Update

PC/CPA 11-04 Staff Report- Conservation & Aquifer Recharge Element Update

PC/CPA 11-05 Staff Report – Transportation Element Update

PC/CPA 11-06 Staff Report – Capital Improvements Element Update

PC/CPA 11-07 Staff Report – Public Facilities Element Update

PC/CPA 11-08 Staff Report – Intergovernmental Coordination Element Update

PC/CPA 11-09 Staff Report – Definitions Update