Plant City – North Alexander Street Land Use Study (draft)

Completed in 2014, the Alexander Street extension located in the northeastern quadrant of the City connects the existing roadway terminus at Interstate-4 and traverses north to Paul Buchman Highway (State Road 39).  This roadway extension has created two miles of new road frontage.  Properties along these 2-miles of newly created frontage are being studied in relation to the Northeast Plant City Area Master Plan and the Imagine 2040: Plant City Comprehensive Plan.  The study will review if the current planned use is the best use of this land in response to the new roadway facility.

Public outreach will be started in early 2018. Your input is important to ensure the study results meet the needs of residents and businesses in the study area.

North_Alexander_Street_Study_Area_Aerial Map

North_Alexander_Street_Study_Area_Existing Land Use Map

North_Alexander_Street_Study_Area_Future Land Use Map

North_Alexander_Street_Study_Area_Northeast Plant City Area Master Plan Map


For further information contact Jay Collins at or  813-273-3774 ext. 335.