Plant City – North Alexander Street Land Use Study (draft)

Alexander Street Extension – Land Use & Marketing Study

Completed in 2014, the Alexander Street “extension” located within the northeastern quadrant of Plant City connects the existing roadway terminus at Interstate-4 and traverses north to Paul Buchman Highway. Properties along this two-mile new roadway are being studied in relation to the Northeast Plant City Area Master Plan and the Imagine 2040: Plant City Comprehensive Plan.  This study is attempting to ascertain if the assumptions in these plans are still valid and the best use of the adjacent land in relation to this new roadway facility and the population projections for Plant City.

This study is being conducted:

  • To improve the coordination of an envisioned future land use pattern between Hillsborough County, the Florida Department of Transportation and Plant City.
  • To assess potential land uses for parcels within the study area once they voluntarily annex and receive municipal (i.e. potable water and wastewater) services from Plant City.
  • To provide a demographic analysis, economic profile and market study of the lands along Alexander Street, north of Interstate-4.
  • To identify activity nodes that can become future community/neighborhood focal points for Plant City and eastern Hillsborough County.
  • To evaluate the related principles, objectives and policies for this area in the Northeast Plant City Area Master Plan and Imagine 2040: Plant City Comprehensive Plan.
  • To access and if appropriate recommend additional policy direction from the 2014 – Dover Kohl Study for “Strip Commercial and Mixed-Use Development in Hillsborough County”.

The study is broken into four major sections, the first and second of which have been completed, an Existing Conditions Assessment covering topics such as land use, environmental resources and constraints, the transportation network, and the provision of other public facilities within the study areaThis was followed by an in-depth Land Use Marketing Report conducted for the study area utilizing the existing conditions to determine the carrying capacity of residential and employment generating land uses in the area now and in the future under various land use scenarios.

Next the study will review and evaluate the existing policy direction for this area contained in several adopted plans and studies, the foremost of which are the Northeast Plant City Area Master Plan and the Imagine 2040: Plant City Comprehensive Plan.  Lastly, the study will conclude by providing recommendations and proposing next steps to the Plant City Commission.  It is anticipated that the study will be completed during the Fall of 2018.

New – Draft Preferred North Alexander Street Study Area Northeast Plant City Area Master Plan Map

May 23 Alexander Street Meeting Flyer

North_Alexander_Street_Study_Area_Aerial Map

North_Alexander_Street_Study_Area_Existing Land Use Map

North_Alexander_Street_Study_Area_Future Land Use Map

North_Alexander_Street_Study_Area_Northeast Plant City Area Master Plan Map

North Alexander Street Marketing Study, March 2018


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