One Water

Project Overview

One Water serves to update, modernize and combine the previously separate Stormwater Management, Potable Water and Sanitary Sewerage Elements of the Unincorporated Hillsborough County Comprehensive Plan to reflect the interrelated nature of water. The update will replace these Elements in the Comprehensive Plan, incorporate water resources-related language from other Elements, and provide a framework for new County initiatives such as green infrastructure and coordinated water resources planning.

The draft language was developed via a collaborative effort with staff from various water resources disciplines across Hillsborough County, and incorporates feedback provided by the Southwest Florida Water Management District, the Environmental Protection Commission and Tampa Bay Water. The Planning Commission is especially grateful for the partnership with the One Water Working Group project team, which represents staff from across the County: The Water Resources Department, Environmental Management Division, Development Services Department and Engineering and Operations Department.

The complete draft language will be made available here soon.

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Scope of the Initiative

  • Recognize the interrelatedness and value of all water in the County’s Comprehensive Plan

  • Coordinated, collaborative water resources planning across departments and disciplines

  • Infrastructure that achieves multiple benefits – environmental, social and economic

  • Developing innovative and creative solutions to meet increasing demands and impacts

  • Matching the right resource to the right use

  • Place based and impact based approaches

  • Enhancing utilization of existing infrastructure

  • Ensuring water is provided, collected, treated and managed in a sustainable manner for current and future residents

  • Provide a framework for new and innovative programming and projects

Phase 1

Development of draft language

Collaborative development process with County water resources professionals and review by area agencies

Began Summer 2019

Phase 2

Public and stakeholder review and comment

Planning Commission and Board of County Commissioners briefings

May-June 2020

Phase 3

Recommendation and transmittal

Planning Commission recommendation

Board of County Commissioners transmittal

August 2020

Phase 4

Amendment adoption

Expected October 2020

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Public Engagement

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Future Steps

  • Planning Commission Briefing – June 8

  • BOCC Workshop – June 9

  • Virtual Public Meeting – June 11 (Sign up for our email list above to get more info and a meeting notification)

  • Planning Commission Public Hearing – August 10

  • BOCC Transmittal Public Hearing – August 27

  • BOCC Adoption – October 22



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Melissa Dickens, AICP, Strategic Planning and Policy Manager, Planning Commission

T: 813-273-3774, ext. 355