IOC partner: Hillsborough County

Latest Updates

On July 25th, the Hillsborough County BOCC hosted a budget reconciliation workshop regarding transportation investments. Multiple transportation funding options were presented, and the presentation can be viewed here.

At the July 17th Hillsborough County BOCC meeting, the commissioners were presented the Transportation Program 10 Year Plan, which prioritizes safety, maintenance, and congestion reduction. The plan is based on the funding allocations contained within the Surtax for Transportation Improvement Charter Amendment and can be viewed here.

At the April 9, 2019 Hillsborough County BOCC workshop, the commissioners were presented an update on the status of the County’s transportation program and plans for the transportation surtax revenue. View that presentation here: slides on the New Programs and Projects with Surtax begin on page 11.

With 246 square miles of coastline to cross, Hillsborough County’s bridge infrastructure represents a critical transportation asset. Bridges provide an important linkage within the county and to surrounding counties. The DRAFT Capital Project List of Bridges identifies bridges which could be improved using a portion of the transportation surtax proceeds. Please note that these projects have not yet been approved by either the Hillsborough County BOCC or the Independent Oversight Committee, and are therefore not yet approved for funding.

Check back for further updates as more information is coming soon!