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Latest Updates

On August 5th, the HART Board was presented with a proposed plan for investing revenue from the transportation sales surtax. This plan is currently in draft form and a final version is scheduled to be presented to HART’s Board of Directors on September 9th, 2019. The presentation can be viewed here.

According to the Hillsborough County Transportation Charter Amendment, 45% of the Surtax Proceeds (known as the Transit Restricted Portion) will be distributed to HART. HART may use these funds for the planning, development, construction, operation, and maintenance of public transportation projects. Projects may include enhancements to bus service, expansion of public transit options, and other improvements to public transportation permitted by the Charter.

No later than September 30th of each year, HART shall deliver to the Independent Oversight Committee a Project Plan setting forth the projects, including reasonable detail for each, on which HART will expend its distribution of the Surtax Proceeds for the following calendar year in accordance with the uses mandated by Sections 11.07 and 11.08 of the Hillsborough County Transportation Charter Amendment.

Projects Plans must first be approved by HART’s governing body and then by a majority vote of the Independent Oversight Committee at a public hearing. HART’s Project Plans will be presented at its July 15, 2019 board meeting. Check back for updates and more information.