I-275/Fowler & I-275/Busch Innovation Gateway Concept Study (Phase 1 final 2016)


The Hillsborough County Metropolitan Planning Organization is developing preliminary design concepts for themed gateway statements at the I-275/Fowler Ave. and I-275/Busch Blvd. interchanges.

The gateway design concepts will focus on making a creative statement at each interchange that creates themes that communicate a sense of entry and innovation. The concepts will include landscape and hardscape features as well as lighting. The southerly interchange at I-275/Busch Blvd. may develop a theme that introduces Busch Gardens, and the northerly interchange at I-275/Fowler Ave. may focus on introducing the University of South Florida and the medical institutions.

Both interchanges will focus on vertical hardscape features and/or landscape enhancements and will require treatments that will be viewed and enjoyed from the interstate itself and from the roadways passing under the interstate. The drawings shall show the location of proposed landscape/hardscape elements, and shall include basic material schedules.

Tasks include:

Stakeholder Meeting #1

Temple Terrace Morris Bridge Tower Concept

sign in sheet gateway #1

Hillsborough County to Innovation Alliance Sept 24 2015

Gateway Study Invite List 9-1-15

Preliminary Gateway Study Narrative

Stakeholder Meeting #2

sign in sheet


Fowler Ave. Concept 2_24x36

Fowler Ave. Concept 1_24x36

Concept 1 – BW Scan 2016-1027

Concept 2 – BW Scan 2016-1027

Gateway Study Invite List updated 11-15

FDOT meeting Jan 28, 2016


Turnpike Toll Gantry Aesthetic Research

Toll Gantry – Levels of design with estimated costs

Toll Gantry – Levels of design

For more information contact Lisa Silva at silval@plancom.org or 813.273.3774 x329.