Hillsborough Avenue Multimodal Safety Review (2017)

The Hillsborough Avenue Multimodal Safety Review is currently underway and is being conducted jointly by the Hillsborough County Metropolitan Planning Organization and The Planning Commission in coordination with the Florida Department of Transportation and the City of Tampa.

The purpose of the study is to diagnose the most significant causes of conflict along the corridor and identify strategies to enhance multimodal safety and mobility. The study will identify the following:

  • Opportunities to implement pedestrian geometric design, sign & pavement marking, and signal timing/phasing best practices at major intersections;
  • Speed management strategies; and,
  • Access management strategies.

The Florida Department of Transportation is conducting a parallel study which will complement this effort by reviewing and identifying candidate intersections for enhanced lighting, introducing crosswalk enhancements, and conducting feasibility reviews for improvement concepts. These studies will ultimately yield recommendations for short- and mid-term strategies to enhance safety and multimodal mobility along the corridor.

For more information, contact Tony LaColla, AICP at lacollaa@plancom.org or (813) 273-3774, x350.