Greater Sun City Center Area Community Plan

Greater Sun City Community Plan (Effective November 18, 2010)

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The Greater Sun City Area lies within the “SouthShore Areawide Systems Plan” area.  The SouthShore Areawide Systems planning initiative called for the preparation of six community plans, one of which was for the Sun City area.  The Greater Sun City Area Community Plan consists of seven (7) goals and strategies including commercial development, communications, public safety, health services, land use, recreation, and transportation.


The Greater Sun City Center Area Community plan focuses on providing a hospitable environment for the wonderful mix of people living here now and in the future – senior citizens, active mature adults, and younger people seeking to establish themselves in this dynamic community which encompasses the neighborhoods of Sun City Center, Kings Point, Cypress Creek, Freedom Plaza, and Valencia Lakes.  The planning process provides a footprint to maintain the excellent lifestyle and to enhance those aspects where excellence has not yet been achieved. 

The health and safety of citizens was a paramount consideration as the plan was developed. Recreational opportunities, commercial enterprises, and supporting governmental activities were identified and incorporated into the plan, which was designed to support the active suburban lifestyle enjoyed by all.

As the plan is implemented, commercial establishments and indoor recreation activities are expanded in a vibrant, modernized, architecturally pleasing town center.  Transportation improvements go hand-in-hand with the improvements in the commercial areas. Golf cart accessibility remains a community keystone and is extended throughout the area in support of federal, state, and local efforts to conserve petroleum products, reduce traffic congestion, improve air quality, and enhance the lifestyle of all.  State and County governments are encouraged to respect the community’s desires to maintain the peacefulness of suburban life style by minimizing truck traffic along SR 674 and 19th Avenue and by providing additional pedestrian and golf cart pathways along SR 674 and across US Highway 301.

Public transportation to destinations outside the community becomes a viable reality.  Bus service to local libraries, the Town Center, and adjacent communities is strengthened. Bus and/or light rail service is established to Tampa, Brandon, Bradenton, Sarasota and other mid-distance destinations.

The physical environment becomes even more attractive.  Golf courses continue to be an important means for simultaneously providing green space, a self-supporting recreational opportunity, an attraction which brings new residents from colder climates, and enhanced property values.  Green space is expanded by establishing pocket preserves and a family-oriented park.  Pathways for pedestrians and environmentally friendly vehicles are established within the community and to the nature-oriented facilities of nearby Little Manatee River State Park and other sites.  Effective land use improvements and controls further enhance the environment.

Public health and safety, already at high levels, continue to be improved.  Walk-in clinics and a senior service center serving nutritious meals and providing appropriate counseling and supervision are created to augment the full service hospital which is retained in its current location.  Low powered radio and television services addressing local matters are developed to provide day-to-day and vital emergency information to residents and visitors. Street lighting, access for emergency vehicles, egress during times of emergency, and disaster recovery capabilities continue to be upgraded.

The community is proud of the Greater Sun City Center Area.  “We want to tell the world what a magnificent community we have, and we want new neighbors to join us in enjoying it.”  As this plan is implemented it will be even better!


  1. Commercial Development
  2. Communications
  3. Public Safety
  4. Health Services
  5. Land Use
  6. Recreation
  7. Transportation

Land Development Code

Sec. 3.01.09 – SPI-SCCSC: Sun City Center Senior Citizen Overlay District


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 Effective November 18, 2010. If you would like further information, please contact the Planning Commission.

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CPA-10-13  Effective November 18, 2010.



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