Gibsonton Community Plan

Gibsonton Community Plan (Effective February 19, 2007)

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To locate the complete adopted text of the community plan go to the Livable Communities Element and use the Table of Contents to go to the Gibsonton Community Plan.

View the Sociocultural Data Report (SDR) for Gibsonton. The SDR contains demographic information and trends for Gibsonton from 1990 to 2015, a summary of existing land use within the community, and a list of facilities. A demographic profile for Hillsborough County is also available at the end of the document.

Gibsonton lies within the “SouthShore Areawide Systems Plan” area.  The SouthShore Areawide Systems planning initiative called for the preparation of six community plans, one of which was for the Gibsonton area. The Gibsonton Community Plan consists of seven (7) goals and strategies that are generally intended to organize community building, enhance community image, revitalize the economy, strengthen cultural and community services, and improve neighborhoods and infrastructure.  All the issues were categorized and, through consensus, became the basis for development of a vision statement, concept map, and prioritized goals and strategies. 

 The community plan is a blend of traditional and contemporary lifestyles and assets. Major improvements, not tied to growth, have increased the quality of life in all priority areas identified back in 2005. Our image is now one of landscaped gateways and attractive median planting along US 41 and Gibsonton Drive.  The latter is our signature “main street” with a special civic space identifying our new library, elementary school, and major greenway crossing.

 We have made the most of what we believe is the best open-space system in Hillsborough County. Our extensive Tampa Bay shore lands are both protected and accessible for low-impact recreation and nature study. These natural resources are connected by greenways and blueways to a variety of nature preserves and community parks. The Alafia River remains our special waterway and is complemented by a very healthy Bullfrog Creek.

 Our neighborhoods have been revitalized where needed through major partnering efforts. A mix of single family homes and parks embrace our new revitalized riverfront along the Alafia River, where private marinas and boating services thrive. Our working residents can afford to live here without relying on poorly designed and inadequately maintained mobile homes. Old, stable residential areas remain as a key choice for those seeking traditional town lifestyles. Well-designed and managed mobile home parks remain, and are a lesser percentage of overall housing stock. New housing areas are walkable with a range of choices covering single-family and rental units.

 Finally, we now have improved utilities and services such as sewers, water, and stormwater facilities. These have been funded by new development where most needed. We also have street lighting and signalization that contributes to Gibsonton’s reputation as a safe place to live, work, and visit.


  1. Community Building
    1. Community-Based Organization (CBO) with Early Victory Strategy
  2. Image
    1. Gateway and Street Enhancement
  3. Natural Resources
    1. Open Space, Recreation, and Interpretive System Strategy
  4. Economy
    1. Riverfront Revitalization and Mixed Use Area Strategies
    2. Signature Street Strategy
    3. Agriculture and Residential Show Business Protection Strategy
  5. Cultural and Community Services
    1. Library and Special Civic Places Strategy
    2. Consolidated Community Services Strategy
  6. Neighborhoods
    1. Code Enforcement Strategy
    2. Workforce Housing and Revitalization Strategy
    3. Walkability Strategy
  7. Infrastructure
    1. Sewer and Water Extension Strategy
    2. Stormwater Management Strategy
    3. Transportation Strategy
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This plan was effective February 19, 2007. If you would like further information, please contact the Planning Commission.

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CPA-06-19  Effective date: February 19, 2007.


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Documents and Meetings

Community Plans adopted before 2009 do not include documents and meeting files at this time. This plan was effective February 19, 2007. Request for further information should be directed to staff.




To view the adopted boundary for the Gibsonton Community Plan please click on the link below.

Gibsonton Community Plan Study Area Future Land Use with Kings Lake Area


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