Derek L. Doughty

doughtyA member of the American Society of Civil Engineers, Mr. Doughty has focused on the development of hydrologic and hydraulic modeling of stormwater conveyance systems and management facilities with extensive experience in Land Engineering and Planning, Roadway Design, DRI and Stormwater Projects, and commercial and multi-family site development engineering. A resident of Hillsborough County for 38 years, he is the Vice President of Applied Sciences Consulting, Inc.

Mr. Doughty has served on many local boards and committees, including the Environmental Protection Commission’s Technical Advisory Committee and SWFWMD’s Surface Water Advisory Group. He was the Project Manager and Lead Technical Engineer for the preparation of the Hillsborough River Watershed Management Plan for Hillsborough County, which won an Award of Excellence at the Planning Commission’s 2002 Community Design Awards.

Appointed in 2008 by:

Hillsborough County

Current term expires:

September 30, 2017