Imagine 2040: Temple Terrace Comprehensive Plan

The Imagine 2040: Temple Terrace Comprehensive Plan is the guiding document that will help shape how the city grows and develops over the next 25 years. The major goals of the Plan are to create a more urban city that is walkable and transit ready. The City is ideally situated adjacent to the University of South Florida, Interstate-75, and Tampa Executive Airport, meaning its strategic location will be an attractor for new businesses, industry, and residents. The Plan focuses growth in particular areas of the City including 56th Street and Busch Boulevard/Bullard Parkway, 56th Street and Fowler Avenue, 56th Street and Fletcher Avenue, and Harney/U.S. Highway 301. Higher density mixed-use development is also encouraged along the major corridors. While promoting higher density development in certain areas, the stable single family neighborhoods will be protected from encroachment through transitions in density and buffering. The Plan was developed using input from thousands of citizens and ensures the City will thrive in the 21st century.

Adopted Imagine 2040: Temple Terrace 2040 Comprehensive Plan

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Imagine 2040: Temple Terrace Comprehensive Plan (PDF version)

Imagine 2040: Background Data & Analysis

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