City of Tampa Plan Amendments Interactive Map and Documents

This mapping application contains information and documents about current and historical amendments to the Imagine 2040: Tampa Comprehensive Plan. To find plan amendments, use the “Search by Location” search bar, or select the “Find a Plan Amendment” button (both located at the top left of the application), or zoom in manually and click within a plan amendment’s boundary to view its entry.

Documents for plan amendments (2015 and beyond) can be viewed by clicking the “More info” link at the bottom of each plan amendment entry, or navigating to the years below:

2018 | 2017 | 2016 | 2015

Entries for text amendments can be viewed by expanding the text amendment tab in the bottom center of the application.

To report any inaccuracies, or to further research historical plan amendments that may be incomplete in this mapping application, please contact Planning Commission staff at (813) 273-5940, and ask for a City Planner on the Comprehensive Policy and Review Team.

Click here for instructional document outlining basic features.