imagine 2040: Plant City Comprehensive Plan

This is an update to the Comprehensive Plan for the City of Plant City. The changes were developed to address legislative mandates, correct inconsistencies, prioritize staff resources, update project status and encourage future economic opportunities within Plant City. The changes also include a renaming of the comprehensive plan to Imagine 2040: Plant City Comprehensive Plan. The update comes after an extensive public outreach campaign to determine the desires of citizens in shaping growth and development in Plant City and throughout Hillsborough County. The campaign took over one year and gathered feedback from over 6,000 citizens throughout Hillsborough County and its three cities.

Adopted Plant City 2040 Comprehensive Plan

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Imagine 2040: Plant City Comprehensive Plan

Imagine 2040: Background Data and Analysis Document

Imagine 2040: Plant City Comprehensive Plan Brochure

Plant City Plan Update Final Transmittal Package to DEO 15-1ESR