Citrus Park Village Plan

Citrus Park Village Plan (Effective September 9, 2001)

Planning Commission Staff Contact:

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Hillsborough County, Development Services Staff Contact:

Jose R Fernandez, Principal Planner • Planning and Zoning Services Division

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To locate the complete adopted text of the community plan go to the Livable Communities Element and use the Table of Contents to go to the Citrus Park Village Plan.


Click here to access the Sociocultural Data Report (SDR) for Citrus Park Village. The SDR contains demographic information and trends for Citrus Park Village from 1990 to 2015, a summary of existing land use within the community, and a list of facilities. A demographic profile for Hillsborough County is also available at the end of the document.

This community plan updated the Northwest Area Community Plan by providing for both a vision statement and implementation summary, and defining the Citrus Park Village Plan (CPVP).

The area within the CPVP boundary is proposed to change from various plan categories to one new land use designation called Citrus Park Village, and twelve (12) sub-area designations will be applied within the new CPVP designation.

Allowable use, maximum density, and maximum floor area ratio for each sub-area was developed.  Also included is an updated boundary map of the CPVP delineating the overall boundary and a Sub-Areas Map, within which the Village Plan provisions are to be considered.

Language provided ensured the development of zoning districts which address how and where uses can be placed, limit the range of uses, and include aspects of design related to new development. It clarifies that rezoning would be allowed after the plan adoption only if the CPVP regulation and zoning district requirements are met; and, clarifies that rezoning prior to adoption of the regulation and zoning districts would be proposed as a PD incorporating the CPVP design concepts.

The Citrus Park Village Plan strives to achieve a well-balanced combination of residential, recreational, commercial, and public uses served by a trail and transportation network, while preserving the layout and character of existing neighborhoods.  The existing, historically platted grid system provides a framework within which special areas adjacent to major arterials can be developed in a mixed-use commercial, office, and residential format which enhances the area's character and ambience. 

The Plan also strives to promote the development of a Town Center, ensure management and conservation of the natural environment, and ultimately manage growth so the delivery of public facilities and services will occur in a fiscally responsible manner while supporting redevelopment and new development within the Plan boundaries. 

The plan was further implemented by adoption of the development requirements in the Land Development Code (LDC) which are outlined in detail below:

Land Development Code:

Part 3.10.00 – Citrus Park Village Development Standards

(Adopted November 11, 2003)

Sec. 3.10.01 – Purpose

Sec. 3.10.02 – Applicability

Sec. 3.10.03 – Zoning Approval

Sec. 3.10.04 – Development Approval

Sec. 3.10.05 – General Exemptions

Sec. – Block Pattern

Sec. – Street Connectivity

Sec. – Street Design

Sec. – Street Vacations

Sec. – Transportation Concurrency

Sec. – Parking

Sec. – Traffic Calming

Sec. – Building Orientation

Sec. – Build-To Line, Maximum Setback

Sec. – Accessory Uses

Sec. – Utility Lines

Sec. – Sidewalks

Sec. – Vertically Integrated Uses

Sec. 3.10.07 – Fences

Sec. 3.10.08 – Signs

Sec. 3.10.09 – Lighting

Sec. 3.10.10 – Buffering and Screening

Sec. 3.10.11 – Tree Preservation

Sec. 3.10.12 – Single-Family and Two-Family Building Requirements

Sec. 3.10.13 – Multi-Family Building Requirements

Sec. 3.10.14 – Non-Residential and Mixed-Use Building Requirements

Sec. 3.10.15 – Zoning Districts

Sec. – Subdistrict A-1

Sec. – Subdistrict A-2

Sec. – Subdistrict A-3

Sec. – Subdistrict A-4

Sec. – Subdistrict A-5

Sec. – Subdistrict A-6

Sec. – Subdistrict B-1

Sec. – Subdistrict B-2

Sec. – Subdistrict B-3

Sec. – Subdistrict B-4

Sec. – Subdistrict B-5

Sec. – Subdistrict C

Sec. – Subdistrict D-1

Sec. – Subdistrict D-2

Sec. – Subdistrict D-3

Sec. – Subdistrict D-4

Sec. – Subdistrict E-1

Sec. – Subdistrict E-2

Sec. – Subdistrict F-1

Sec. – Subdistrict F-2

Sec. – Subdistrict F-3

Sec. – Subdistrict G-1

Sec. – Subdistrict G-2

Sec. – Subdistrict G-3

Sec. – Subdistrict G-4

Sec. – Subdistrict G-5

Sec. – Subdistrict G-6, G-7, G-8

Sec. – Subdistrict H-1

Sec. – Subdistrict H-2

Sec. – Subdistrict I-1

Sec. – Subdistrict I-2

Sec. – Subdistrict I-3

Sec. – Subdistrict I-4

Sec. – Subdistrict U-1, U-3

Sec. – Subdistrict U-2

Sec. – Subdistrict U-4

Sec. – Subdistrict P-1, P-2

Sec. – Subdistrict P-3

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The implementation steps and project status are seen on the project Timeline. The Board of County Commissioners has earmarked $1 million in Community Investment Tax (CIT) funding for the Gunn Highway and Ehrlich Road Improvements.  This roadway project will implement streetscaping and traffic calming measures on Gunn Highway and Ehrlich Road, and will compliment objectives and policies proposed in the Citrus Park Village Plan.

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 CPA 03-12 Effective Date: September 3, 2003

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Documents & Meetings

Community Plans adopted before 2009 do not include documents and meeting files at this time.  This plan was effective September 9, 2001. Request for further information should be directed to staff.





To view the adopted boundary for the Citrus Park Village Plan please click on the link below.

Citrus Park Village Plan Sub Areas


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