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Plant City Roadway Extension Studies: Sam Allen Rd and Rice Rd (2017)

The Hillsborough MPO conducted two corridor studies to address transportation issues in and around Plant City. The first study looks at extending east Sam Allen Road from North Park Road to North County Line Road, where significant population growth is expected prior to 2040. View the Sam Allen Extension Study report. The second study looks…


Urban Service Area – An efficient growth management tool

What is the Urban Service Area? The Urban Service Area (USA) is more than just a boundary on a map, it’s a strategy that gets more bang for the buck on your tax dollars by focusing new growth and redevelopment and concentrating public and private investments where services are available and will be most needed….


2040 Long Range Growth Forecasts (Socioeconomic Data)

Growth forecasts were prepared for the update of the Imagine 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan and local comprehensive plans. The analysis was prepared using Traffic Analysis Zones (TAZs) and the forecast extends to the year 2040. As part of the Plan 2040 update, three distinct growth scenarios were evaluated and presented to the public for…


Demographic & Economic Data

The Planning Commission produces demographic and economic data in raw form for use within the agency’s various projection models.  This data is available in printed publications for use by the public. The Planning Commission provides economic data assistance, as requested, to communities and other organizations in Hillsborough County. This support ranges from the provision of…


Growth & Jobs

More JOBS. 47,500 An efficient transportation system is an economic engine and a job creator. Not only does transit attract new employers to our region – building it also creates jobs! According to the American Public Transportation Association, for every billion dollars invested in public transportation, 47,500 jobs are supported, including construction, operations and maintenance,…

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