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Who are the Hillsborough River Board & Technical Advisory Council?

We are a special Board and Council established by the Florida Legislature* to monitor activities and actions in the Hillsborough River Corridor. The river begins in west central Florida, and enters Tampa Bay in the center of the City of Tampa. River Board recommendations for river management are forwarded to the local political bodies, regulatory…


Meet the Staff

Our staff supports three distinct boards – the Planning Commission, Metropolitan Planning Organization and River Board. The agency is composed of professional planners and technicians in the areas of land use, community and neighborhood planning, transportation, research and analysis, urban design, capital improvements, utilities, environmental planning and management. Find out more about our staff teams…


How Does River Management and Planning Work?

Considering the present and future of the resources of the Hillsborough River is the Hillsborough River Interlocal Planning Board, an organization consisting of three elected officials representing the geographic location of the river. It is supported by the Hillsborough River Technical Advisory Council, comprised of eight agency representatives and three citizen members. Mandated by state…


Special Act – Laws of Florida Chapter 86-335

An Act relating to Hillsborough County; creating the Hillsborough River Interlocal Planning Board; prescribing membership and terms; providing for quorum and meetings; providing objectives and dutuies of the Board; requiring development of a coordinated Master Plan for the Hillsborough River Corridor; providing for incorporation of elements of the  coordinated Master Plan into local Comprehesive Plans, authorizing local…

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