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General Information Street Address: Hillsborough County Center 601 E. Kennedy Boulevard, 18th floor Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1110 Tampa, Florida 33601-1110 Telephone: 813/272-5940 Fax: 813/272-6258 Email: Get Directions to the MPO   MPO Staff Ramond Chiaramonte, AICP Executive Director 813/272-5940 Linda Ferraro, Executive Assistant  813/273-3774  x327 Beth Alden, AICP, Assistant Executive Director, Long…


FAQs About the Metropolitan Planning Organization

What is the Metropolitan Planning Organization, and what does it do? The Hillsborough County Metropolitan Planning Organization, also known as the MPO, is a transportation policy-making board comprised of representatives from local government and transportation authorities.  The MPO is responsible for establishing a continuing, cooperative and comprehensive transportation planning process for Hillsborough County, according to…


2035 Plan News

Post Referendum Analysis Following the November 2010  referendum in which voters rejected a tax for a wide array of transportation improvements, the MPO decided to revisit the long range plan and explore why people voted the way they did.  A county-wide penny sales tax was assumed in the 2035 Plan as the way to pay for…


Transportation (MPO Staff)

MPO Staff includes transportation planners, traffic modelers, demographers, urban designers, and other planning professionals. Under the direction of Beth Alden, MPO Executive Director, the diverse skills of the staff ensure that transportation priorities are coordinated with land use, economic development, and regional and statewide plans for all modes of surface transport. Beth Alden, AICP, Metropolitan…


Hillsborough County Water Ferry Feasibility Study (2011 & 2012)

In  keeping  pace  with  community  desires  and  the  ever-expanding transportation needs of the Tampa Bay region and in cooperation with  Hillsborough  County,  the  Hillsborough  Metropolitan  Planning Organization (MPO) studied potential water ferry connections in Tampa Bay. The  objective was  to  evaluate  the  feasibility  of  waterborne passenger service as a viable travel alternative and a part…

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