Busch Boulevard Mobility Management Plan (2000)

slider-buschblvdmobilitymanagementplanIn November 1997, the Hillsborough County MPO, through the Congestion Management System (CMS), also known as the Mobility Management Process (MMP), completed an evaluation and identification of congested and constrained roadways. These are roadways that function at an unacceptable level of service and cannot be widened due to significant physical, economic, environmental, or social constraints.

From that analysis, the MPO’s CMS Steering Committee selected several corridors for further study to identify “low cost” quick response strategies to improve mobility by increasing alternative travel modes and/or reducing traffic congestion.

Busch Boulevard, between Florida Avenue and 56th Street, was one of those selected and is the focus of this study.

Busch Blvd Mobility Management Plan (2000)

Busch Boulevard Corridor Study Update (2004)