Brandon Corridor & Mixed Use Centers Pilot Project (draft)

slider-brandoncorridorsstudyThe Brandon Corridors and Mixed-Use Centers Study is a joint pilot project from the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and The Planning Commission (TPC).

The purpose of the study is to better coordinate the envisioned land use pattern with planned transportation improvements along major corridors. Brandon’s east-west corridors of Brandon Blvd, Lumsden, and Bloomingdale connect much residential and commercial development to I-75.  These major roads experience a lot of congestion and have several crash hot spots.  Options for maintaining/improving mobility and safety for the Brandon Community are becoming increasingly limited.   The study will look to refine Hillsborough County’s Vision Map for growth in the area, and identify feasible transportation improvements along the major east-west corridors.  As part of the study, a market analysis will be performed looking at land-use and market trends to gauge development patterns and identify the potential for future development and redevelopment within the study area.  Transportation analysis will include forecasts of traffic and ridership, roadway operation modeling and a review of safety and other key issues.

Brandon Corridor and Mixed-Use Centers – Fact Sheet

Technical Memo 1 – Land Use Pattern Maps & Summary

Technical Memo 2 – Market Analysis

Market Analysis – Summary Presentation

Technical Memo 3 – Network Evaluation & Planned Improvements

Brandon Stakeholder Meeting Presentation – December 5

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