Apollo Beach Community Plan

Apollo Beach Community Plan (Effective August 8, 2005)

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To locate the complete adopted text of the community plan go to the Livable Communities Element and use the Table of Contents to go to the Apollo Beach Community Plan.

Click here to access the Sociocultural Data Report (SDR) for Apollo Beach. The SDR contains demographic information and trends for Apollo Beach from 1990 to 2015, a summary of existing land use within the community, and a list of facilities. A demographic profile for Hillsborough County is also available at the end of the document.

Apollo Beach lies within the “SouthShore Areawide Systems Plan” area.  The SouthShore Areawide Systems planning initiative called for the preparation of six community plans, one of which was the Apollo Beach area.  The Apollo Beach Community Plan consists of nine (9) goals and strategies that are generally intended to enhance community character, promote the development of a town center, promote economic development, establish design standards, protect and enhance the canal system, enhance the transportation system, and develop trail and sidewalk connectivity. 



The community plan furthers the vision and values of the citizens of Apollo Beach. The citizens of the Apollo Beach community recognize the inevitability of future growth in the area and have reconciled growth within the scope of maintaining the feel, charm, and convenience of waterfront-oriented small town living. In line with these assumptions, the citizens formulated the following goals listed in order of priority:


Goal 1:    Enhance Community Character

Goal 2:    Ensure Quality Land Use and Design

Goal 3:    Maintain Canal System

Goal 4:    Improve Transportation

Goal 5:    Establish/Improve Sidewalks, Bicycle Lanes, and Trail Connectivity

Goal 6:    Improve and Expand Public Use Facilities

Goal 7:    Support Economic Development

Goal 8:    Strengthen Community Associations

Goal 9:    Encourage Renovation and Retrofitting of Residences


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This plan was effective August 8, 2005. If you would like further information, please contact the Planning Commission.

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CPA-05-10 effective date: August 8, 2005.


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Community Plans adopted before 2009 do not include documents and meeting files at this time. This plan was effective August 8, 2005. Request for further information should be directed to staff.



To view the adopted boundary for the Apollo Beach Community Plan please click on the link below.



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