2045 Long Range Transportation Plan

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What is It’s TIME Hillsborough? This June 2019, the Hillsborough Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) kicks off the next phase of its public engagement campaign, collecting input on specific types of projects Hillsborough residents want to see in the 2045 Long Range Transportation Plan.

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What is a Long-Range Transportation Plan (LRTP)? The Long Range Transportation Plan directs federal and state dollars towards projects we value. It looks out at least 20 years and must be updated every five years. The LRTP, which will be adopted in November 2019, identifies future projects recommended for state and federal funding.

What’s in the current Imagine 2040 LRTP? The 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) is a multi-modal plan full of choices that reflect and support the way we want to live and travel.

What was the Tri-County Regional Plan? It’s TIME Tampa Bay was a collaboration of the metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs) of Hillsborough, Pasco, and Pinellas Counties. As transportation planners, every five years we’re required to re-look at trends and where we’re going to be 20 years from now. We asked people what they thought about how we will grow and connect as a major metropolitan area.

The survey asked the region’s opinion on three very different scenarios of growth and transportation in 2045. For example, what if we could install connected-vehicle technology to make roads 50% more efficient, and we allowed growth to continue to move outward? On the other hand, what if we focus on the cities and suburbs we have now, and put our resources into rapid transit systems to connect those areas? We have forecasted the impacts on traffic, job access, greenspace, and other factors. See the regional survey results. Tri-County, MetroQuest Summary of Comments_12052018 , Its Time Survey Results and Recommendations PowerPoint-

Tri-County Vision Summary

Besides public input, what else is considered when updating the LRTP?

2045 Long Range Growth Forecasts (Socioeconomic Data): The Hillsborough County Planning Commission and Metropolitan Planning Organization both require population, employment and other demographic and scenario-based projection data to the year 2045 to facilitate their state and federally mandated work efforts. In addition to supporting the Tampa Bay Regional Planning Model development, the data also supports the missions of other agencies including the Hillsborough County School Board, HART, Fire/EMS, Parks and Recreation, and Utilities.

State of the System Report: Federal rules now require performance measures as a check and balance that proposed transportation plans and projects are helping to reach goals established by the community. The Hillsborough MPO has documented the performance of the transportation system for a number of challenging goals, even going beyond those identified nationally. The performance areas include: State of Good Repair & Resilience,Vision Zero, Smart Cities, Real choices When Not Driving, and Major Projects.  

LRTP Funding Technical Memorandum: The 2045 Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) includes revenue projections from existing federal, state, and county sources as well as potential revenue sources. This technical memorandum describes the revenue sources that are reasonably expected to be available for use in developing the 2045 Cost Feasible Plan. Additional details are available in subsections of this report.