2040 Long Range Growth Forecasts (Socioeconomic Data)

slider-growthforecastGrowth forecasts were prepared for the update of the Imagine 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan and local comprehensive plans. The analysis was prepared using Traffic Analysis Zones (TAZs) and the forecast extends to the year 2040.

As part of the Plan 2040 update, three distinct growth scenarios were evaluated and presented to the public for review and comment. As a result of the Imagine 2040 effort, a final preferred hybrid scenario was developed to guide the Imagine 2040 Plan.

The three Imagine 2040 growth scenarios, and the final hybrid scenario used in the 2040 Plans, are described in this report:

The resulting forecasts of future dwelling units, population and employment are available in tabular form in two formats:

The TAZ map is also available in two formats:

Another way to look at the 2040 Hybrid Scenario is to highlight the areas of greatest change between now and 2040. See the Areawide Vision Map for more information.

Long range growth forecasts use current year population estimates as a starting point.