2025 Comprehensive Pedestrian Plan (2004)


Tampa’s reputation as a dangerous environment for pedestrians is based on cold facts: the county’s pedestrian fatality rate is three times the national average for comparably sized cities. These statistics represent a challenge to Hillsborough County to rectify these problems and create a safer and more balanced transportation system.

The Comprehensive Pedestrian Plan is a step toward facing the challenge. This county-wide plan recommends a series of safety and education programs and policies that target people of all ages, analyzes the areas where pedestrians are most likely to walk, and presents a series of priority corridors where pedestrian improvements are most appropriate. As part of the 2025 Long Range Transportation Plan, the Comprehensive Pedestrian Plan is both a practical and a visionary approach to creating a more balanced transportation system for all users.

2025 Comprehensive Pedestrian Plan Executive Summary (2004)

2025 Comprehensive Pedestrian Plan (2004)