2016 State of the System Report

What are the benefits of performance measurement?

Hillsborough State of The System ReportJust ask any parent on the day report cards come out. Seeing how well an expectation is met can be a great source of satisfaction, or if the results fall short, can point to where improvements are needed. Federal rules now require performance measures as a check and balance that proposed transportation plans and projects are helping to reach goals established by the community.

The Hillsborough MPO has documented the performance of the transportation system for a number of challenging goals, even going beyond those identified nationally. The performance areas include:

  • Preserve the system
  • Reduce crashes & vulnerability
  • Minimize traffic for drivers & shippers
  • Real choices when not driving
  • Major investments for economic growth

The plan is to continue to evaluate and adjust, track trends, and make progress toward a safer, more efficient, transportation system.
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